Sister Jena Anderson

Sister Jena Anderson
Entered the MTC December 28th, 2011 and left for Kobe, Japan March 12th!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MTC Letter #8 Livin' the Dream!

Hey Family!

WOW! What a whirlwind of a week. I'm just sitting here in the laundry room, livin' the dream. We just got sack lunches, and my district is eating in plain clothes making the most of  our P-day.

SO! This week I didn't prepare a wonderful list... so we'll see what pops out in this letter!

First off....our "investigator" YOSHI SAN DECIDED TO BE BAPTIZED! I stumbled through the invitation, we hadn't anticipated asking him but we had just felt prompted in so many lessons. We can't BELIEVE this, and we are so excited to teach him. Even though he is our sensei (teacher), when we walk in that room our "investigators" are different to us. From slaving over lesson plans and pouring our hearts our to Heavenly Father over our investigators, we begin to feel a lot of charity for them... it's amazing.WeI love the people I will teach - and we haven't even gone to Japan. :) HOWEVER! The new group of Nihonjin senkyoshi (Japanese missionaries) come with our Kohai this week (the new missionaries)... and we leave with them! I've felt some anxiety this week just worrying and realizing we are leaving, and I guess that comes to my next story.

I LOVE THE TEMPLE. We went this morning, and it is so hard for sleepy missionaries even when we love the temple so much! Even then, I was sitting in the temple today and Heavenly Father truly comforted me. We had the opportunity to fast yesterday (for someone in our district's family member... and I fasted for myself, too!. I love fasting. I love it! I love my branch, I love the Gospel. I've never had such a deep testimony that the Lord is with us through EVERYTHING. So, at the temple, I just received PEACE and HOPE anew. I can testify to you that we find peace, hope, and revelation at the temple. I know that the work we do there for the deceased is so greatly valued by them, and our Heavenly Father. I'm amazed at His love!

This week for our Sunday movie, they replayed the talk that Elder Bednar gave when he came to the MTC on Christmas day. IT WAS AMAZING, probably life changing. You wouldn't believe all of the wonderful, inspirational talks we receive here at the MTC! He talked about the character of Christ, and his main point was that the Savior turned OUTWARD when the rest of us might turn inward. He told the story about a woman in his ward who knew her daughter and two others had been in a car crash, and called him (the stake president). She was simultaneously on the phone with the doctor. They knew one of the girls had died and two were in the hospital. He was on the phone with her as she found out it was her daughter that had died. As devastated as she was, she immediately told him the other mothers needed to be notified to tell them that their daughters were alive. Among other things this sweet sister did, the day of the funeral a woman in the ward called her (she was the Relief Society president). She had not heard about the death, and was complaining that no one had brought her food since she had a small cold (Elder Bednar's terms about her!). This woman immediately took her a meal on the way to the funeral.  I wish I had time to tell you more, but this was used as an example of the Savior ALWAYS turning outward. Another example is the JST footnote that clarifies that in the Savior's pain, He sent angels to John the Baptist to strengthen him. How I love Jesus Christ! He is the heart of our work and I never doubt for a moment that we are not alone. This has kept me going. When I naturally want to turn in, I think of the Savior's example and Elder Bednar's words.... How I want to shape my whole life to be more like the Savior. What a blessing He is! I testify that Jesus Christ lives. The MTC has been hard on a lot of our Elders and Sisters. It is AMAZING how He has been here though. We are not alone.

I keep getting these sweet reminders that Japan is closer than we think.
We've just had so much preparation, and even though my Japanese is so flawed - how I want to go and share the Savior's love with the sweet people in Kobe!! As scary as it is, it is all swallowed up in the joy of Jesus Christ. Sometimes I feel SO PEACEFUL about it, and sometimes so nervous! But most of all, "I know that I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth us." (Phil. 4:13)

I found this sweet scripture this week in Alma 58:13:  "Yes, and it came to pass that the Lord our God did visit us with assurances that he would deliver us..." (and the rest of it is great too!) I've just been so impressed at how TRUE this has been for me. My life is full of assurances. Every day, every hard time, I get so many answers to my prayers... I attest that a loving Father, who gives perfect gifts, hears our prayers and loves us.
Another thing: I LOVE THE SCRIPTURES! Every time I sit down to study, revelation POURS out. Sweet family and friends, I love this gift. I don't think I took advantage of the power of the word enough before the MTC. It works and it is true! If you have a question, you can turn to prayer and your scriptures. Heavenly Father is anxious to minister to you and these are two ways He can touch our "kokoro." (heart!)

My two favorite bunpo (grammar) usages in Japanese include... NI YOTTE (or o toshite) "through" and DEKIRU. Dekiru makes verbs into "can" form! I love testifying about the Gospel in this way! SO GREAT!
The Lord wants us to be happy. I know this is through. Through Jesus Christ we can do all things. I LOVE THIS WORK. It is true! My sweet neices and nephews, Jesus Christ loves you and died for you. He wants you to return to Him.

Anderson Shimai (going to JAPAN sooooon!)

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