Sister Jena Anderson

Sister Jena Anderson
Entered the MTC December 28th, 2011 and left for Kobe, Japan March 12th!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Yes we can!!!

To My Wonderful Fam!!

Thank you for your sweet letters! I love you all soooooo much!!!

"Time flies on wings of lightening, we cannot call it back..." At times like this, sometimes I remember this line (I think President Monson quoted this poem?). It is certainly true in the mission field! I can't believe I'm on a mission. Some nights I sleep with my name tag on. I really love this work. It is like a taste of how Heavenly Father feels, and He helps us unceasingly. This is the work and Church of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Redeemer. We can emblazen this on our hearts and it will change us forever.

This week we turned on a side road and saw a Gaijin (foreigner) going into an apartment complex. We stopped her and started talking. She attends a Baptist church and is from Texas (and is fluent in Japanese). She came to Church this week and we shared the Book of Mormon with her, and she got to watch the Restoration DVD. Sarah really loves Jesus Christ, and it is so fun to get to share the Book of Mormon with people that love Jesus Christ... it fills up my soul talking about Jesus Christ and how the Book of Mormon leads to having Him more in our lives! I so appreciate what Jana wrote me, that covenants bind us to Him.  What a privilege we have, to invite people to make the sacred covenant of baptism. I love this work, and know we could learn forever about the Savior and Heavenly Father, about their work and the principles of the Gospel... and it is wonderful! It fills my soul and feels like being home sometimes when we remember how close they are through the scriptures and prayer.

We had wonderful training from President Zinke this week. I love President and Sister Zinke so much! They are so incredible. It was so fun to have them visit with 6 or so of us in the zone, and to see the APs. A bunch of us took this long car ride to get back to Tokushima, and hearing the tender moments of their mission experiences filled me with appreciation for this work yet again. We learned the importance of taking the necessary time to teach the correct knowledge of God, especially as traditions are so different here in Japan. I love that we have Priesthood men called to preside over our missions! We talked with Yamamoto Miyuki about her knowledge of God and found that the President was totally right. WOW I love the work. So! We are learning more of how to do His work in His way through the Spirit and His servants!

Transfer calls came, but Uyema Shimai and I are staying in Tokushima! (which isn't that uncommon... when you first begin ..). I know we have work here to do and I love it so much. This is a wonderful place.

We went out to an all you can eat buffet with President after interviews, and they have a little grill built into the table every foot or so... You get raw meat and take it over, and grill it right there, flipping it with your chopsticks! It was great for the Elders, but as Sisters I feel like we only have so much room in our stomachs ha ha. However, the sorbet and treats were delicious... I love Japanese treats! I think it is going to shock my system when I come back to America, because things are so much less sweet here. So! Loving Japan...

Our new friend (Sarah) also has a friend she works with who is also a foreigner who... is our ward mission leader! ha ha. It was AWESOME to have him here and helping us. The Lord truly works in His own way and time, to the blessing of His children. I think of that sometimes when I only get the chance to smile at people, and I hope they see the big name on my tag... Jesus Christ. I hope they associate Him with a smiling face, with love and caring about them, with deep commitment and joy, and good works. I hope my actions, my face, my laugh, my words, reflect His--so when they see that face and that tag, they will remember (if they haven't heard of Him before), something that draws them a little closer to listening when they get that opportunity...  :)

I love the temple so much. To my nieces and nephews, I want to challenge you to set your sights on the temple! Keep a picture close and try to remember what Jesus Christ would have you do. He loves you so much. Heavenly Father is your Father in Heaven, and hears your prayers. You can talk to Him every day and ask for blessings. He wants to bless you and loves when you are happy, and knows what will make you happiest. Trust Him! Thank you for your sweet examples, you  are all getting so big. I hear about your lives and school and the things you are doing and I am so proud (the good kind of proud)!!

Ono Shimai came to church again this week, which is a sacrifice because her health isn't super. We bought her candy to help her. I wish I had time to tell you about our visit with her this week. She is so funny! We were trying to tell her that detective movies were scary and she kept saying they are just funny. I learned all sorts of words in Japanese like pickpocket, burglary, prohibited, and other things ha ha. She is such a wonderful lady though, we love her so much.

I love you sweet fam. Through the Savior's grace, we truly can receive happiness and know that our offering is sufficient as we are committed to growing a little each day, giving our heart and devotion to Him. Isn't life amazing?

With Love and Lots of Other Good Feelings :)
Sister Anderson

the bike says it best... (rental bike)

we went out to get udon (soba noodles)...have you ever seen noodles that gigantic?

Missionary apartments are famous for lost and found items. I found this towel in my apartment cleaning today and thought it was so funny.

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