Sister Jena Anderson

Sister Jena Anderson
Entered the MTC December 28th, 2011 and left for Kobe, Japan March 12th!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Watashi no Kazoku e! Happy holidays!

Dear Fam,

I love you so much. Time is just flying, and it is so fulfilling being in the work of the Lord. Transfers came and went...drum roll please...and I get to be with my wonderful doryo for another transfer!! I am so happy - miracles are happening in Takamatsu, it is so fun to work together! I decided riding over on my bike this morning that all I want for Christmas is... another 6 months in Japan! ha ha. :) Takamatsu is so great. 

Sounds like you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving celebration! Thanks for all the fun pics. Here is our Thanksgiving feast!!!

So for the past like three months, I have been using this word in Japanese I found called "tokken," which is "a privilege." So I was always saying, "we feel like it is a privilege!" when people on the street would tell us how hard what we were doing was. So my comp, my trainee, said that to a man who stopped us.  We had met before, and he said, "that is saying you have special authority!" ha ha ha. We've been saying, "that is the special privilege that only we have, the right and special authority that only we have." ha ha. So funny. :)

MIRACLES ABOUND. The work is awesome. We had a pretty neat miracle on Sunday. This girl from China walked into church after Sacrament meeting. She doesn't speak Japanese super well and doesn't speak any English, but she had walked to the Church yesterday from where she lives but no one was here. We got to teach her just a little bit, and we will meet with her again this week!

The Spirit is awesome. We felt like we needed to look in the Area Book, and we called a lady and it was the wrong number... but it was another man from the area book we'd wanted to call! We met and taught him and his beautiful wife this week!  they are both from Zimbabwe and strong Christians. We have just been studying tons this week to try to get ready for their lesson. In the end though, it really is all the Spirit. My testimony has been strengthened so much of the Bible and the Book of Mormon testifying of the same truth, but at the same time the vital need for the Book of Mormon to correct false doctrine and cure contention. But this couple is so wonderful!! I love the scriptures. Heavenly Father has been so merciful to us to give us the words of Prophets, about His Son, and so that we can receive His personal guidance. The scriptures are so amazing to me. It seems like on my mission truths I learned my whole life have just sunk down, just gotten deeper, to my very bones and through them, taking away even fear. I love Jesus Christ, I love His Restored Church. I am so grateful for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God's Church is on the earth again. We can know about life after death, eternal families, the things we naturally hunger for (like continuing relationships)--Heavenly Father has prepared a way for that through His restored Gospel. 

It was so weird to teach in English! I know that this Church was restored through Joseph Smith, that every truth, the fullness of the Gospel, has been brought back to the earth. Shall we not rejoice in this eternal truth? We have, as the Savior taught the woman at the well, water that will quench thirst. The world is starving. "Only the Gospel can heal a starving world..." (PMG) It is true. It is so wonderful. We can know for ourselves, and it just keeps growing. There is nothing like the Gospel. This is LIFE, this is the truth. 

There is nothing like sharing something you love so much. One of our other sweet investigators (mom with three children) said she wanted to be baptized this week. She is so incredible. She went from a place of almost no faith, to knowing Heavenly Father. It has touched me so much to see her grow. She prayed this week to Heavenly Father, and she was talking to someone she knew. She was talking to someone she knew before, someone she was close to, and we felt that. It wasn't about us anymore, she had received her own light and knowledge. Can you believe the beauty of this Plan? Even many who love Jesus Christ so much are missing the fullness - still in the dark about where we go after death, about families, about God's plan for His children. I testify that there is a point. I love this work, and I love you!!

You are all so wonderful. I wish I could just bring a little camera on my shoulder to some of our lessons, to have you feel the sweet spirit that comes as these beautiful people discover that God does love them, and there is a plan for their lives. As our investigator said in her prayer, "Father, I am thankful for this wonderful plan. I am so excited." 

It is an exciting work.

I love you!
Sister Anderson 

PS Some sweet family sent a birthday package  - first class no less!!!  

Thanks mom and dad!

English Class

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