Sister Jena Anderson

Sister Jena Anderson
Entered the MTC December 28th, 2011 and left for Kobe, Japan March 12th!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Isogashikute Tanashiku Seikatsu Shite Imasu! (Livin a busy and fun life!)

Watashi no Ai suru Kazoku e!
Wha, konshu wa isogashikatta! And so fun! The work is a work of miracles. The Chivore couple, a new investigator, and a potential investigator came to Church on Sunday! We were delighted! We've been trying to work toward the goals set by President as our mission standards, and we are so close!! It is so wonderful. I had an amazing birthday, thanks so much to you!! I loved loved loved the pictures you sent, and wasted no time in selecting some to keep with me and introduce the family I love so much to a people I love, too. I love the people here. I am so grateful for this work and the Lord's help. Time goes by so quickly, and it startles me sometimes seeing pictures of you, and remembering all of the wonderful times we've had and are having. Life is so joyous! I try to imagine what the Celestial kingdom is like. I imagine it is a lot like the feeling we feel as we serve and sacrifice to follow Jesus Christ, mixed in the beauty of eternal families and relationships. I can't comprehend the depth or perfection of His plan. We are so incredibly blessed. Dad wrote me about lighthouses today, and I want to be that. I want so much to guide others to Him. 

We had a miracle on Sunday. We called a man from the Area Book who said he would come to Church. He was so nice, and came to all of Church, and we got to teach Him after. It was an incredible experience. I testify that goals give us direction, even ways to help these beautiful people progress. Our first lessons are always about God's love, and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. That is our focus as a mission, everyone is practicing and working on their first lesson plans almost daily. His was wonderful. So often, a picture or way to teach comes to me and I just want to introduce it to the ones I love--always thinking, would this help them? Is that easier to understand? The Spirit is incredible. I have gained an even greater appreciation for the Spirit this week, protecting and guiding us. I know Heavenly Father knows us intimately and personally, my sweet brothers and sisters around the world, never forget that. We taught Him about this path that goes to God. He wants to have a clean heart. We described God's love and He said he felt it at Church. The Lord had prepared Him so much, that this time, we asked him to be baptized, and he said he wanted to be. We set a date that first meeting. He said he can meet Sundays, and also weekdays. :) President has been saying if they feel God's love, it is so powerful that they will want to feel it again. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love what it means to me, so mortal and so needing Him, and yet rejoicing in this beautiful work. This IS the only way. This is the only way to return to live with Him, and it is all through Jesus Christ. I love them. I love spending so much time thinking and talking about them. I love you all so much. I can't remember what it is like to study other things, on missions we live in this spiritual realm where that knowledge just gets deeper, conviction and experience, a drop and day at a time. 

Izumikawa San's boys are praying with her. They asked her a question about heck, and she explained the three kingdoms to them. It is so fun to see them start progressing as a family. She said in their prayers, one of the boys said they were grateful that they had come to learn about God that day. Heavenly Father really does know everything. 

And Yamashita Chorro came this week! 

He and his wife taught all in English, it was so great to see their examples and perseverance. They said it was for the Japanese Elders and Sisters, to know they could etc. It was such an example to me. (His English is great though!) It was so special for me, because his talk helped me so much after I got my call. He taught some about customs in Japan and the doctrine of Christ, which is actually the method we used to teach Nishioka San (the man who came on Sunday!) It worked! For part of it, they asked us to go out in 15 mins and find someone who would hear about the Gospel. We prayed and I remembered a cute lady that had served us when we'd eaten there, and ran and asked her if she would hear a message. She said yes and we set up an appointment for the sisters in the area. I know He knows His sheep. 

I got to see Elder Lythgoe again, too! So great.

So many miracles my sweet family. You are so close to my heart. I came out on my birthday to find my futons out again

 and breakfast waiting there.
I almost started crying! Some "bird" had told my companion about our family tradition of serving breakfast in bed on birthdays. It was such a special day, our Elders called, the ward brought flowers, the sweet Relief Society president remembered a cake store we had asked about and bought a super expensive cake from there and brought it, 
and an Eikaiwa student brought a cake,
and my companion gave me 22 things with 22 reasons she loved me -so cute! She is the best!!! 

I got such an awesome package from my family including tons of pictures for my little "intro" photo fun! Thanks so much for all the love in those gifts!!!!!!!

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes - I love all my friends and are the greatest!
Just celebrating life, and I am so grateful to be here. The work is true! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Love you all!
Sister Anderson

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