Sister Jena Anderson

Sister Jena Anderson
Entered the MTC December 28th, 2011 and left for Kobe, Japan March 12th!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hey Beautiful Family! 

I have been thinking about "time" this morning as I sat on this little library computer, and had a few minutes to reflect--and I am so grateful. I love my Heavenly Father. I feel like every so often that there is a culmination of experience in which, Heavenly Father shows you how He has indeed been tutoring you (in ways perhaps so small that we aren't refined enough to notice) and then there is a spiritual culmination, a gift! In the troughs of experience we must never look at the pinnacle and say we are not there, when the line of our experience is an ascension. (That was a lot of big words!) Anyway, things are great. I love life!
This week we have had so many miracles. When I first transferred, the ward in Niihama was doing a fast to find Priesthood holders. There wasn't a dramatic increase during my first weeks here, but this week, we have found two men who will become investigators! There were 7 people at Church, and the ward was just abuzz with the feeling and joy of the work and the result that they knew would come from faith. It's been wonderful! We are finding a lot of really great new people recently.  For example, as we were talking with a mom yesterday, she asked if her house would be ok for such an important message. It was such a natural contact and we get to share the Gospel with her this week!! Things really have just been getting big, we have just been running around and teaching so much - lately it just feels busy. This must be what the busy-ness of the last days feels like! 
I will share one more cool miracle with you! So, this week, we were walking to an appointment to meet one of the men we found housing, and someone called out after us. It was the man who had helped us with Owens Shimai's bike when she got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere when we were far out in our area! At that time, he hadn't had interest, but was nice. We invited him to come hear us sing at Church, and he came!! We were able to get contact information and will move forward this week! We also got to testify to a volunteer English group we go to every once in a while, and one of the sweet members wanted a Book of Mormon! I offered to give it, and she raised her hand, it was so cute and such a powerful teaching time. I love teaching the Gospel! Also teaching another new cute mom! So fun.
The Lord is prospering Niihama. I love the Gospel. Isn't it amazing how everything relates to the gospel?! This is truly the best experience Heavenly Father could have given us - life on earth and a way to return to Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. 
I love you all, and pray for you!
See you next week!
Sister Anderson

PS Congrats to all the nieces and nephews on end-of-the-year awards and honors! You are inspiring! Way to go Mook on taking state in the 4x400 relay!  So great!

PPS Wow!  Jeni Bowman is married!  Thanks for the pic - she is beautiful!
PPPS  Thanks for sending the picture of Sister Monson's funeral.  She will be missed.
Note from Sister Jen's mom:

She will be returning home from Japan 
Wednesday, June 5th!

She will be speaking in Sacrament meeting on June 30th at 9 am.  
The ward building address is 14400 South Redwood Road, Bluffdale.

Here are a few pics of the last group of missionaries to leave her mission, 
including her cousin. Soon, these pictures will be of her!!! 
We are so grateful to her beloved mission president and his sweet wife!

 And the huge group of missionaries who came! 
The missionary count in her mission will most likely double!  
So great!!!
From Sister Zinke:
...we welcomed twenty new energetic missionaries from the Missionary Training Center.  What a crazy week it was...but what fun!  Fourteen of them come to us from right here in Japan, three are from Australia and three Americans.  We are thrilled with our new missionaries!

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