Sister Jena Anderson

Sister Jena Anderson
Entered the MTC December 28th, 2011 and left for Kobe, Japan March 12th!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Spray cans, miracles, mafia, and more...

Sweet Fam!

I wrote a letter but it got deleted... this is going to be shorter ha ha. :)
I love you!

So. Miracles are happening before our eyes, which is incredible because our
investigator pool has dropped a lot. This week we finally contacted a
referral that we've been trying to contact for about a month, and she
agreed to a return appointment... and she is from Tokushima! We also
met a family housing (tracting). This sweet mom and her two kids came
to the door and we were talking to them about God. The little boy told us
that he thinks God lives, then looked a bit puzzled and asked, "Where does
He live?" I told him in heaven! Little kid's Japanese is so cute!

I am so aware that the Savior is at the helm of our boat, even the world's
boat. It amazes me. I am on a quest for simplification. My study has
become a hunger to teach simply. I really crave it, I want to teach our
investigators in a way they understand. I have realized all over again, that
the Gospel is remarkably simple. I love the Book of Mormon.
I realized this week that a lot of it is a compilation of investigator's stories.
I so love this work. I love that I get to wear the name of my Savior
over my heart. Even when others are deciding whether they need him,
even our sweet investigator who is doing everything we tell her and
still deciding what to think about Jesus Christ... I realized this the other
day sitting at our table.  And yet, somehow she is progressing. I realized
 anew that the Savior is walking with her, even in this time where she is
deciding whether she needs him and has problems in her mind that make
it hard for her to understand. I love this work. I know that in our
"Gethsemane," our rough spots, He is there, walking with us. Do we take
that hand, feel that strength? We have no need to fear, I am realizing anew.
The Savior is our helper, our keeper and guide, our Savior and Redeemer.
Do we know what that means? Jesus Christ has overcome the obstacles of sin and
death. We can live again with our families, with our Father in Heaven.
"Oh the joy this sentence gives: I know that my Redeemer lives."

Dad had asked about training and the zone meeting, etc. The Zone
meeting was 3 zones, and we get training from President and the
AP tachi. It was really neat. We get a training plan each month as a
mission that is a focus for us, that President Zinke gets through
revelation to help focus our study and missionary work.  It is also the
training training for new missionaries. I love it!

Also, I have another funny story. We were housing
and heard that there are some Yakuza (Japanese mafia) people
and we saw this door that had a little sign with a symbol on it. I was
thinking that it was the mafia symbol. I stopped my companion, and I
told her that we could not go in that door. We called the district leader and
asked if it was safe to "house" around that door? They informed us that it's safe
to house around it. That night they called us again for another reason
and they asked us why we thought that it was a mafia door?  I
explained the symbol I've been seeing everywhere... and it is the
symbol for Buddhism! ha ha ha ha ha. That just made my stay in Japan
so much more comfortable. We have so many funny things happen! :)

Ahhhhhhhh! we are prepared and ready to puncture this insect repellent spray can because you have to do that for recycling in Japan. Awesome, right? Hopefully I'm getting braver...hahahah!

Note from Sister Jen's mom...Click here for a fascinating description on the laws governing trash disposal in one city in Japan...amazing!

I love you so much fam!! I am on a quest to teach simply and help our
investigators understand. This is a beautiful work. The Gospel is
beautiful, and so beautifully simple. I love this work, I love my God,
I love my Savior Jesus Christ, I love the truth we have.

Before I go... we had a zone meeting this week and the last paper they
handed out was a forward about LDS people knowing what they have...
and it said Scott Anderson, and I started looking
through, and it was Gertrude Speckt's story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was so funny.
I loved reading it and could just hear dad's voice telling it. What a great
missionary and what great legacy I have from my family. Thanks for your
examples and for teaching your kids with so much love. I love you all!

"Shall we not go on in so great a cause?" (Joseph Smith Doctrine and Covenants 128:22)

Andason Shimai

This sweet grandpa from eikaiwa (English class) sometimes brings us berries that are
supposed to be really healthy from the mountains. These are some
rare berries that he made into jam! He made it especially for us because he says that
Japanese people don't really eat them... :)

 we dressed up in matcing clothes sunday. ha ha ha

So funny...I saw our shoes in the genkan like this, this was not on purpose!

Dear Mom, I haven't gotten the package yet, but I am so excited! Thank

you so much for all you do for me. Looks like you had fun celebrating your anniversary. 
September 3, 2012
PS Sister Jen seems to have a genetic predisposition to dress in matching yellow...hahaha!

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