Sister Jena Anderson

Sister Jena Anderson
Entered the MTC December 28th, 2011 and left for Kobe, Japan March 12th!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Transferred to Takamatsu!

Oh my sweetest of all families,

Time goes by so fast and so slow. It is amazing. Time has been really strange for my companion and me this week. We got a call on Wednesday from President telling us that there had been a change in the missionaries in the mission and he needed us sisters in... TAKAMATSU! (Shikoku!) He asked us to leave that weekend, we were out by Saturday and in Church on Sunday. One thing I've learned on my mission, is that even though things are not exactly as we might expect them, they are always so good. The Lord can use ANYTHING to our growth if we turn to Him and consecrate our lives to Him.

Traveling to... TAKAMATSU! I'm back on Shikoku! I have to say that I LOVE the island, it truly is such a wonderful place and it is one of my favorite places of Japanese saints. (It actually is right next to Tokushima, and was in my zone before... it is the place we ate so much ramen before! Looking forward to that ha ha.)Takamatsu is just SPECIAL. Let me tell you some of the happenings from the first day at Church. One reason I love Shikoku is because it has a different flavor, almost like the south in the U.S. On Sunday this cutest old man got up to bear his testimony and in the middle of his talk, out came these paper visuals with phrases written on them. He is so old and his voice is so droopy but so happy, and then... at the end, he said, "just two minutes," and runs to grab something from his chair.  He then  pulls down a rousing rendition of "Praise to the Man" on the harmonica!
I love Takamatsu. :)

The members have made it well-known that they have been praying to have sister missionaries here.  They are so sweet! This other elderly man was teaching nichiogakko (Sunday School) and was talking about praying in accordance with Heavenly Father's will, and used me as an example, if I hadn't wanted to come to Takamatsu. They are so funny. They treat us like queens, they are such wonderful saints in our little branch. They are so close to gold. I wish I had the time to introduce them all to you. They are so wonderful and all just wanting to take care of the new, lost sisters.

The branch has a lot of men, but the Relief Society, primary etc. aren't very strong. They are so devoted to the gospel. They WANT to do missionary work, versus it being an obligation or duty.  They are taking care of us so well. It is like I am home, and we have a wonderful new family. On top of that, on Sunday an investigator from 4 years ago came back to church and we were able to have a lesson with her... and she became a new investigator! She had wanted to come back to church, which I guess is exactly what the other investigator we are teaching had done. We have those two investigators right now and the Lord is just working with these people. I feel that this is a place of miracles. Who is to stop the Lord's hand when He has the field ready to harvest?! It is such a privilege to be a missionary. A  less-active showed up at church on Sunday and we were be able to befriend him a little bit. I love this work!!!

So! Everything is pretty new. Elders have been in Takamatsu for years, so it definitely is a change. We love Akashi and our sweet saints there. The members are so wonderful there. I love the Japanese saints.

We left Akashi on Saturday morning, and safely passed our investigators to the Elders. They will do great with them. 

My sweet family, we are so busy, the work will move forward. I thank you so much for your prayers and love, they are so felt. The Lord is marvelous and always has a plan.Thank you for your love and for your examples and closeness. You are so wonderful! I love you forever fam! The Church is true, the more we study it I think the simpler it gets. I love this message, and our message is about Jesus Christ. He died, lived, and lives again. His Church is on the earth again. We can have those blessings He wants to give us from His restored Gospel. 

I got asked to train in District Meeting before I left and I just got to talk about representing my Savior, our Savior. Our calls are from Him. We are to be His hands. I got a package from the Colorado Andersons and was able to use the quote Spen sent me in training. It was perfect! Thank you so much! I love you cuties. Choose the right--choose Jesus Christ. He will not fail you, and I know He lives.

Love,Andason Shimai, from Takamatsu

Sister Jen has been in Akashi which is near Kobe on this map, 
and is now in Takamatsu.

akamatsu (高松市 Takamatsu-shi) is a city located in central Kagawa Prefecture on the island of Shikoku in Japan, and is the seat of the prefectural government. It is designated a core city by the Japanese Government. It is a port city located on the Seto Inland Sea, and is the closest port to Honshu from Shikoku island. For this reason it flourished under the Daimyo (feudal lords) as a castle town in the fiefdom of Takamatsu, during the Edo Period. Takamatsu is a city with a large concentration of nationwide companies' branch offices, which play a large role in its economy, and it contains most of the national government's branch offices for Shikoku. 
The Takamatsu metropolitan region has a population of 670,000, making it the largest in Shikoku. Takamatsu Airport is located in Takamatsu. 
Altitude is 56 ft.
The castle tower formerly used as the symbol of the city was destroyed during the Meiji Period. In 2004, construction of the Symbol Tower, the new symbol of Takamatsu, was completed. The Symbol Tower is located in the Sunport area of the city.

Dear Jeni,

It is me, Seth. I wish I lived with you and Uncle Nate Dawg, but I can't. I am not old enough. I am just a little kid. I am four years old. 
And you live far away. I don't know what your mission looks like, but I see the pictures.  You are very very happy in your pictures and you are always going like this (see pic). 

I know you got some packages.  I know you like Japanese people. I want to see you speak Japanese when you get home. I don't know what your are saying.  And I want to see what Japanese is. 

Mookie had a party and I danced at it when the music was loud.  We ate marshmallows, and caramel apples and I don['t know what the rest of the stuff is.

And Jeni, I go to pre-school and we ate caramel apples at there, too. 

I love you, Jeni and this is Seth.

Love, Seth (Spiderman)

Dear Spiderman,

You. Are. So. COOL! Thanks so much for your letter. I wish you could live with me too. You are one of my best friends. I love you so much. Mookie's party sounds cool. I definitely want to see your dancing! I will talk to you in Japanese when I come home. Love you buddy. You are so great! Wow, pre-school sounds like so much fun. I love eating caramel apples too!

I love you handsome boy.
Aunt Jeni

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