Sister Jena Anderson

Sister Jena Anderson
Entered the MTC December 28th, 2011 and left for Kobe, Japan March 12th!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Isn't the work amazing?

Dearest Beautiful Family,

This may be short today my beloved ones, at 9:30 our time we are jumping on a boat to spend the day with Rachel, one of our beloved investigators who lives on an island just off of Takamatsu that is still in our area.  It is called "Shodo Shima" (shodo island). We are going to teach her to make wonderful homemade American chocolate treats to replace the coffee she loves so much. Party!!! I rejoice to be alive and serving in the kingdom. We have such hope for her to progress. The Gospel truly is the best gift and I love it.

I have learned incredibly poignant lessons this week and still feel like I am just starting to comprehend some things. It is incredible. I testify that our leaders are called from God. The Priesthood is amazing. I read something from Elder Ballard in "Our Search for Happiness" about the priesthood being what Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ would do for us on earth, and my whole perspective changed. Heavenly Father would want to give ME my blessings. Jesus Christ would want to go to the temple with me. They would want to be in our meetings, watching over our family on earth. The priesthood really is the big, overseeing factor for God's family--isn't that amazing?

I wish I had hours to write you. We had an incredible meeting about humility, and I understood so many things for the first time, or again that I have forgotten. My life has been changed from this week. A few lessons: everything we have, every talent, ability, gift, is only for the blessing of others (like the priesthood - to be used to bless them). Satan's voice is incredibly tricky. Every thought that is in our head, can be tested by putting it into one of two "baskets." If it invites us to do good and follow the Savior, it is from Him. Anything else is not. Discouragement, feelings of "I can't" for things that have been asked of us are the antithesis of faith. I feel so new and grateful to be learning humility again. I am grateful for the Atonement that covers my weaknesses and allows me to move on. I love the Sacrament. I make a promise to each of you that we can increase the role of this sacred ordinance in our lives! I thought it was so important to me and it grew again in significance this week. I keep we know what we have and why? Everything we have is for others, to bless those we love. We have what is needed to return to live with our Heavenly Father again. Our work is for those who have yet to make promises leading to exaltation. Wow, I am so amazed. And we have training again this week! I am so grateful for leaders who train me on what I need to become--but all for the purpose of serving others. Isn't the gospel amazing?

Our investigator pool is still down, but I think it will start increasing with amazing people we've been finding. Do you know just how intricately He numbers His sheep? We have been led to amazing people almost every day this week. It is a wonderful work, and I am just so grateful to be a part of it. It does not matter what our neighbors have, we need to worry about their SUCCESS. Isn't it amazing? I am filled with love anew for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it happens again, and again, and again. I understand a little more how we can always be progressing, because He teaches mercifully of our capacity and the application. Oh, how I love them - my Savior, and my Heavenly Father! I am so grateful for the Spirit to help me realize that peace always. It really works, if you begin to look a little harder and distinguish the fruits of your thoughts. Heavenly Father has given us what we need, He is so wonderful.

How precious you are my sweet, beloved friends and loved ones. Isn't the work amazing! It is true. Let us go on in this cause.

Isono Kyodai is doing well, and is beginning his new life as a member of the true and living church. We taught an amazing woman with Alzheimer's this week who may still be able to get baptized. Her heart is changing though her memory cannot hold. We'll see how it works out this week! Did I tell you how grateful I am? (I also love the "Beware of Pride" talk we got this week!)

And, I love you. It is true. Let's work!

Love you!
Sister Anderson, blessed to be learning anew

Added by Sister Jen's mom:
Shōdo Island 
is an island located in the Inland Sea of Japan. 
The name means literally "Island of Small Beans."
There are two towns on the island: 
Tonoshō and Shōdoshima, 
comprising the district of Shōzu. 




 Olive trees on the island

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