Sister Jena Anderson

Sister Jena Anderson
Entered the MTC December 28th, 2011 and left for Kobe, Japan March 12th!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wow! What a life!

Dearest Kazoku,

Wow, what a work, what a life! I just finished emailing my President about my wonderful investigators!! It is such a privilege to be involved in the work of the Lord.

So, the work goes on. Time goes so quickly, I don't even know if there is anything else sometimes--missionary work is so intense and absorbing when you are really living it. It is easy to live it in this wonderful place. We have been teaching our beautiful investigators this week, and it has been so fun to see them progressing little bit by little bit. We had a district (like a stake) conference, so we couldn't meet as many of our investigators on Sunday... but Hino Shimai came! She is a Buddhist lady that it sounds like has been really prepared, we are trying to figure out how to help her. We gave her a huge magnifying glass and the Book of Mormon picture stuff, because the Book of Mormon has been hard for her. She is so neat though. The investigators here just love the sisters, they have a really good relationship with everyone. Still no progress with the mom of the cute girl that wants to be baptized that we've seen with our eyes, but we keep praying... we passed cookies for her mom ha ha.

The work is rich. I sat in a lesson this week with an incredibly learned university professor. The member taught most of it, it is hard for him to hear from younger aged people, but it was so neat--he finally read a chapter of the Book of Mormon and it touched him. He asked for one in Japanese, he'd only been studying it in English. He talked about how he wanted to make things right from his sins, and asked about redemption, and then from the last verse of 2 Nephi 2 (he was quite entranced by this verse), it says "by the words of the prophets," he said "I want to follow the words of the prophets!...My only question is, what are the words of the prophets??" It was one of those moments you just want to stand up and talk like they do in Acts and say, "Brethren, go down into the waters of baptism!" The question was answered a little differently with everyone there though we talked about it a little bit, but even the member thought we should teach together about baptism next week. He's really, really interesting, so we will see how he progresses, but it was so neat to be there, seeing the Book of Mormon--even a chapter--truly touch that man's heart. THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT!! It's hard to have someone who doesn't want to hear as much from us, but what matters is that he HEARS, that he comes to the Savior. (Mom, you would love his house of books haha !)

I love Jesus Christ. We are going to meet one less-active woman with nonmember children tonight that we are so excited to work with. The work is rich. There are just all of these beautiful SOULS here in Niihama, I don't see numbers as much as these beautiful people--who we have to help! It fills you up. We love them so much.

On Sunday, I felt quite like a mom as I pulled out my quiet book and stickers for roudy kids in Church... it's just so fun. I love teaching the Gospel and finding simple ways to explain it to our little loved ones, and our bigger loved ones. I love the Gospel so much, it hurts! This week Elder Callister is touring our mission, we are meeting as a whole mission (which is pretty rare, this is like once in a mission experience) to hear him this week. What a joy!

There are people prepared to hear the Gospel right now in Niihama. Isn't that awesome! And we will find them, because of Jesus Christ, through the Spirit and our Savior's power and help, because of Heavenly Father's love for His children.

Did I tell you I love you? I do, so much. This Gospel is a gospel for families, and I love it so much. And I love YOU!!! What a joy to be enlisted in His service together. We are just messengers, receiving joy as our feet DO trod the mountains, and we love it.

Love you!
One Blessed Little Missionary,
Sister Anderson

Our neighbor was talking to us and said, when people think of Mormons, they think that they need to put on helmets and ride their bikes very fast!! ha ha.

We ate Korean Food! (this pic is in tribute and for my brother!)
 Sayuri Chan's "Putting on the Armor of God" lesson about scripture study... she said, "I will so I can fight the temptations of Satan!" 
She was quite fired up ha ha, it was so great!
Missionary bags...Oh yea!

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