Sister Jena Anderson

Sister Jena Anderson
Entered the MTC December 28th, 2011 and left for Kobe, Japan March 12th!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy talks and finding flocks!

Dearest Family,

Wow!! Another week. This week our sweet investigator Yuushi Kun will move away from our area. We will refer him to the Elders where he will be. We had one of the best lessons I may have had on my mission. It felt like EFY or something again. Yes! We got to talk about how Heavenly Father knows him. His mom is a member, and asked him to listen to the lessons. He said that he didn't believe in God. I was prompted that day to share a scripture from the Bible (Jeremiah 1:5) about God knowing us before we were born. Usually I don't cry a lot in lessons. It has been so incredible to teach along with his mom. I feel like I just get to be a fly on the wall that is somehow needed because I am a missionary now, on the wall of their eternal family. We have had chances where I really felt like I was just emphasizing the teachings of his mom. Seeing her testify to him and the love she has for her son, is amazing. His mom and I both cried. After, as everyone ate at the little farewell lunch for her, we stood up to say things we love about her. I am amazed at the love that comes for people as you teach. It is Heavenly Father's love, and He gives us a part so that we can teach with power of His love. I have never felt so strongly how I should have taught about Him my whole mission. I feel like I need to repent all of the time! I was so grateful. We couldn't have tied it better with a bow, it was beautiful with his mom's testimony, and testifying about the Restoration and relating it to Yuushi. The Spirit is an amazing teacher. My companion shared the First Vision and her testimony, and we talked about how the first word that Heavenly Father said in this restoration was a young boy's name. I kept asking him what he thought, and he would say, "sugoi." (great), or that he hadn't thought about it, or something like that. And he'd think, and feel. It was really hard to say good-bye to them, but I got her address so we can write--I can't wait until he is baptized!
My beloved friend, Yuushi Kun's mom, Takita Shimai!
 Yuushi Kun and his missionaries...
The Church is true! We have been running with our neighbor in the mornings who is investigating, it has been fun. I love training. My cute companion, after we contacted one of our first doors this week--it was a family whose response was kind of so-so, and she looked at me with these huge sparkling eyes and smile and said, "That's the family I'm going to baptize!!!!!!!" (probably with her hands clasped). I was like, yeah! We need to all have that faith. We are heading to Kobe for trainer/trainee training again today! 

Note: there has been a change in email policy so we can communicate with friends,  Priesthood leaders, and extended family via email from now! Yeah! :)

I love my Savior. I know Heavenly Father has direct, personal love for us, and is waiting to help us. We are so blessed to have the Restored Gospel this week. I love the Resurrection. He really is the truth, the way, and the life. What a blessing! What a blessing to testify of Him. He truly was the Man of men, and yet the Savior of our souls. I am so grateful for my Savior. This IS our message, and it is a miracle.

We had an incredible "finding" miracle this week. We got on the train and we were sitting by this mom and her two kids. They gave us some candy, we gave them some stickers. She had her iPod on so we didn't get to talk a lot, but I gave her a pass-along card. We got to our lesson 30 minutes early, and decided to pray and house even though we only had a little time. We's walked over close to our investigator's house, and then we saw a big white apartment a ways away which we decided to go to. We walked for maybe 10 minutes and found it. We didn't have very much time, so we prayed to see what floor we should go to. The first door we knocked on, this mom poked out her head and said, "Oh, I just met you on the train!" We were shocked and shared some of the experience with her, it just tumbled out, that we had a tiny bit of time before our appointment and felt we should go there. She asked if our talk was a "happy talk," and we said "YES!" She accepted an appointment to meet with us this week. Isn't the Lord amazing? It was neat because it was one of those things that we KNEW wasn't us. Seeing the Lord's POWER in missionary work is incredible!!

The Lord's work is heralded by miracles. How fun for everyone at home to get to just study and the Gospel any time you would like!! I love it! Have so much fun learning of His kingdom. Heavenly Father wants us to be happy, and rejoice for  the Savior will come again!

Happy birthday to everyone who celebrates in March!!! Way to go on the musicals, the competitions, and all the other fun things you are doing. I love you!

Sister Anderson 

Sometimes... they put curry in bread in Japan!  They have a lot of fun and different, varied breads. Yum, yum, yum!

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