Sister Jena Anderson

Sister Jena Anderson
Entered the MTC December 28th, 2011 and left for Kobe, Japan March 12th!

Monday, July 2, 2012


Hey you beautiful people! 

The work is rolling forward. Today's letter will probably be short...
we are going to NARA today for P-day... woooo!

SO! Kana Chan's baptism date is July 12, which she is moving right up
towards... and keeping the Word of Wisdom! (pretty awesome in a nation
that really loves various teas... and she's 11!) Tonight we are having
a Katei no Yube (FHE) with her and probably a member on the Sabbath
day. We tried on Baptism clothes with her this week. She is such a
light for her family, and prayed straight from her heart that the
missionaries told her that she could talk to Heavenly Father about
anything, and she looked forward to talking with Him about the boys
she likes. (specifically by name). :) So pure. One of our other
investigators is progressing, Mai Chan, we are going to work a lot
with her this week... or try to invite the Spirit to work with her!

Missionary work is great! President says regularly that the work will go 
forward, we just get to decide our involvement in it.

So -  funny story... we had a lesson with two Seventh Day Adventists this
week, they were trying to teach us pretty rigorously... over some very
healthy foods. Really nice though! They weren't super interested in
listening, just a bit of testimony about the Restoration and
Joseph Smith, at the end they wanted to do a prayer circle... and
while we are praying, these ladies (who have got to be in their 60s or
70s and super thin from healthy foods haha), spouted out in little voices: "Amen!" every so often throughout our prayers (every few sentences or so). They gave us some food when we left. At the gateway, I said we didn't have many gifts but one gift... this book! And we left the Morumon Sho on their table. It left me loving the Book of Mormon so much for how it clarifies the
nature of Jesus Christ, and how we really can know Him through the
testimony of these two witnesses: The Book of Mormon and the Bible. I
love Him so much! I know that the Book of Mormon brings us closer to
Him than any other book, and how much more we know His character,
attributes, and love. I love Him! Such great memories. Truly, everyone
is doing what they can with the light they have. God loves us!

This work is true!! We are going to do a Katei no Yube for the ward...
I had this idea for all of these potential investigators we play
basketball with, to have a place they could hear a little bit of the
Gospel in a non-threatening place. So we are going to do it! I'm going
to do the games! I had no idea how the Lord was preparing me in all
these ways throughout my life with things I would need. Yesterday I
made a book with a bunch of my previous game ideas, we are using one
in our lesson today and probably a bunch for the ward! I am so
excited. I am amazed at how the Lord truly does use anything we have,
each of us, how He knows us so well. I had no idea when working with youth 
and young adults at Aspen Grove, EFY, etc. that he was preparing me in subtle ways for my mission in Japan. Probably like now when I have no idea what He is preparing me for in the future! I know that this is true for each of us. I promise that He has a greater plan, and He is working hidden miracles, blessings, joys in each of our lives. 

I know the power of the fast is real, I felt is yesterday so much for me. I know 
Jesus Christ lives. I know that Faith is not just belief, but it is a KNOWLEDGE,
commitment to Him. How I love Him! When we understand and feel the
Atonement, we want to share this knowledge. Share it!
Fukuin o wakachiamasho!! Let's share the Gospel! It is true. I know I
have had ministrations in my personal life her in Japan, and for those
we love here. He is watching over us so closely, even closer than we

We got to attend sister's training in Kobe - it was soooooooo fun!

Note from Sister Jen's mom:
In the words of Sister Zinke: Last week we had the sisters come to Kobe for some training.  We had a wonderful day being together and learning from each other.  The President and the Assistants had never heard so much giggling at a conference!  

I love you sweet Fam! Choose the Right! Proclaim that Jesus Christ
lives... and that the fullness of His Gospel has been Restored, so
that Heavenly Father can completely and fully bless us with all of the
wonderful power, love, and mercy He so wants to give. It is true!

Sister A

 Honing my baking skills in Japan!  this is a cake my companion and I put together...
 "American" food!!!
 Random really cute pink house...
 Amazing grape vine house...
black thunder ice

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