Sister Jena Anderson

Sister Jena Anderson
Entered the MTC December 28th, 2011 and left for Kobe, Japan March 12th!

Monday, July 23, 2012

GANBATTE! 頑張って (がんばって)

To My Fam,

What a week! Wow. Life is so amazing, and the Gospel is so amazing.
This truly is the work of the Lord, and I feel His strength every day.
He is so good to us! Thank you (family and friends!) for all of your
support, letters, packages, wedding announcements, prayers, and love. 
I really do love you all!!! You are wonderful, beautiful children of 
God with a divine purpose and are eternally loved of Him.

So this week... I sent my companion home and got a bean chan!! It was
a crazy day. Her name is Sister Belnap and she is from Lehi - so close to my 
hometown!  Can you believe it?? It is so fun!!!
Her faith is strong and it is so humbling for me to get the chance to work with her. 

It is so amazing to see the Lord's hand in so many aspects
of our lives. I am really feeling our training come to life in relying
on the Lord. This is such an incredible experience. I am asked to do
things everyday that I know I cannot do on my own. His mercy is so
immense, and I pray constantly for His guidance. What a blessing prayer
is, what a blessing the Atonement of Jesus Christ is. To know that the
Savior of the World, the Son of God, went into a garden and felt the
pains of me, of my investigators, of my family, of my companion, of
every beloved person in the world -- and not only that, every person who
has ever lived, the good and the bad, those who will accept the gift
and those who won't. Isn't this work wonderful? 

To think the effects of a prayer by a boy named Joseph Smith in a 
grove is what I am preaching and declaring in Japan, some 180 years
later, is so incredible. THIS WORK IS JESUS CHRIST'S WORK. 
Because of that prayer in that grove, we have the Gospel restored 
through which we can access the blessings of the Atonement,
including living forever as a family with our Heavenly Father again, 
to progress and become what He knows is in us. I love Jesus 
Christ. I am so grateful for the Restored Gospel.

President talked to me in my interview about the privilege of missionary 
work a little bit. (and the training plan!)
It was so fun to hear from His wisdom! I guess I have felt that a lot this 
week. Streeting, housing, the people who say no--it doesn't hurt the 
same way. It is so sad, but I am so grateful for the chance I get to 
proclaim the Gospel--no matter the consequence. Of course we want
them to listen! But I know that the Lord has numbered His sheep. 

My sweet family, and anyone who is reading this letter - Jesus Christ
loves YOU. He loves you enough that He went into that garden for YOU,
and not only that--He rose again so that we could live eternally with
Him and with our Heavenly Father, our eternal family. I am so humbled
to be the messenger of such a work. For a person so still imperfect,
with so much mortality, I am just so grateful that I get to be the
messenger for such a work. 

I also know that the power of a responsibility is real. Almost as soon 
as I met my bean chan, I felt that. I know that the Lord has entrusted 
me with the chance to work with her, and it is so fun to see her courage 
and see her courageously opening her mouth to the people of Akashi Shi.
I love this place. I love this work. I love this work! This week we passed a 
potential investigator to the Elders (He was a guy), and he became an
investigator!! So great. This work if TRUE. I know that I am
imperfect, but more than that I know of HIS goodness. I know of HIS
completeness. My testimony is burning holes in me! I just love the
work so much. I am humbled to be here, to get to bear the message. I
am so grateful for experience and hard things. 

So, here is what I was doing the night before my bean chan came -  
sewing socks in as pockets into my missionary bag to try to stay
organized,. Well, they are there but definitely didn't work... so much
for that idea. haha.

So I thought of a little game, as I was taking this picture...
Recently I am getting a very interesting, attractive tan line on my feet from my 
favorite pair of shoes. Today we polished our shoes, my companions and my 
good pair. Which one of these pairs of shoes is mine?
 (match the tan line... haha)
My companion got a little sick yesterday, so we went to the doctor's
this morning (I think she will be fine...) Yesterday we had a long day
at home, and at the end I was like twitching... what do I do in a
house that long? It is so great though. I know the Lord will help us
jump in running. We talked to a lady who is interested in another
religion while housing, but as we left, she gave us water bottles. (So
like the Japanese people... so like Him). Yesterday three of the
sweetest Relief Society sisters bustled into our house to check up on
the new Shimai who was sick, and brought food that she liked... a
brother we hadn't met till today dropped off more fruit... everyone is
giving us this beautiful expensive fruit! They are SO SWEET. These are
the people we are privileged to serve. I love these people. I love
them so much. We will work to find those who are ready to listen!

Also, at Eikaiwa a few weeks ago, this ojiisan (grandpa) had been
telling me that even though is in his 70s, he can do a handstand
(sakadachi). The other day I said something about it and he leaned
over on the table and lifted his whole body up until it was a
verticle line, totally out of the blue! I couldn't believe it!  I thought it 
was so funny, if you can just visualize it. Then after he gave the sisters 
some spearmint leaves. Maybe that's the secret of his ability to 
do that trick!  haha! 

This work is true. We are in the greatest cause in the world, the
greatest mission, to assist in the saving of the souls of men through
inviting them to Jesus Christ, whose work this is. 

I love you sweet Fam. I know the Lord is looking out for you. Sending
my love and knowing that you can always, a prayer away, feel His.

頑張って (がんばって)

Love you forever!
Andason Shimai
Oishi caki - yum!

Brother and Sister Anderson:  We thought you might enjoy reading the letter your daughter received as she was just made a trainer.

July 18, 2012

Dear Sister Anderson:

Congratulations on being called as a Trainer. This choice assignment indicates that you have performed well as a servant of the Lord, and that you have the leadership ability to inspire a new missionary to love this work and to be successful.

The Mission President's Handbook talks about the importance of a Trainer. In part, it says:

New missionaries first companions are an important influence during their entire missions. The mission president should call his most capable missionaries, those who are effective in baptizing converts and who will be able to help the new missionaries develop good skills and attributes, to serve as trainers of new missionaries. As senior companions, they need to train and motivate new missionaries so they begin their mission successfully. Senior companions should use the explain, demonstrate, practice, evaluate model as they train new missionaries. Trainers should diligently follow the daily schedule and obey mission rules. When training they should:

1. Cheerfully and patiently help new missionaries adapt and develop the basic skills and 
attributes from the Preach My Gospel.

2. Use the weekly companion-planning meeting to help new missionaries set goals and evaluate

3. Make sure their new companion participates fully as a contributing member of the missionary team.

4. Trainers help new missionaries be successful and productive from the very beginning. Senior
companions account to the district leaders and the mission president for the training of new 

As you embark on this new assignment remember that obedience is the first law of heaven. Teach this principle to your companion. Teach the importance of the Spirit by ensuring, through your words and example, that the Spirit is always a third member of your missionary team. Additionally, help your companion learn to teach by the Spirit. Moreover, give your companion a chance to pray and bear testimony as you proselyte.

I am grateful for your faith and diligence, and have every confidence that you will succeed in your vital role as one of the Lord's choice servants. I pray that he will bless you and your companion.


Richard G. Zinke
Mission President

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  1. I am friends with Corinne Perry, I grew up across the street from her, and she gave me this link as she is friends with Sister Anderson. Her new companion that she is now training is my little sister!! We haven't heard much this week from her except that she got sick, but I loved reading her comp's side to she is MUCH more descriptive and gave me a bit more info on the situation. Looks like my sister is in some great hands to be trained. I hope you don't mind, but I will keep following this blog to hear more about what my little sister is doing! I am so glad I found this! What a blessing, my mom will be so happy and so relieved!
    Camille (Belnap) Spence