Sister Jena Anderson

Sister Jena Anderson
Entered the MTC December 28th, 2011 and left for Kobe, Japan March 12th!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Oh I love you Sweet Fam!!! 

Ok, so here you have it... AKASHI UPDATE!

A few things have changed in the mission. My companion goes home this
week. How crazy is that?? I will miss her. Another transfer has passed! And...the scariest
news yet... I will tell you... after.

We had Natsumatsuri (summer party) today at the ward, where one of the ward
members who has a shop put kimonos on us!! So fun!

Kimonos and missionary name tags! 

Things have been crazy in Akashi! This week we had interviews and they
were so fun. I love my mission president! He is so great. I felt so on
fire after we talked about the training plan. This month is about
relying on the Lord. I have felt that so much in my life lately. It is
not our own merit. It is His. It is His work and we are priviliged to
get to help. This week I studied a little bit about that, a little in
Jacob 5 about the laborers and the Master of the Vineyard... when it
says "our might" and when the Lord says He will do something. I am
beginning to realize more in my life that it is HIS merit and HIS
work. This takes so much stress off of us. What is required is our
might and our work. It is interesting being with a companion who is
going home, and seeing all of those feelings.
We have been working hard and feeling good about a lot of new areas.
Kana Chan didn't make it, we will keep working with her... I am amazed
at the goodness of the work. I am amazed at the goodness of my Savior.
I am starting to realize more and more that He suffered not only for
my sins, transgressions, and so that I could be resurrected, but that each
day He could, little by little, help me carry my load. I love Him so much.

We had another incredilbe miracle where a sister called the honbu in
Kobe who has been away from the Church for 20 years. She lives in our
area. They gave her our number and she called us, and I think she will
be coming back to Church. I love Jesus Christ and the truth He brings.

Yesterday I closed my eyes and felt help. I felt that Heavenly Father
was so close to me, and He told me that this transfer would be great,
no matter what happened in transfers. That is good, because...

The scariest news in the world! this morning I got a call from
President telling me that this week... I would become.... a 4th transfer trainer! 
Who me???
Whooo! ha ha. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
I meet my bean chan on Thursday when my companion leaves, and we are 
heading back here to Akashi!!!

WHOOOO! This really is His work. I love it and I love you so much. You
are so precious to me fam. There is probably a lot more I could write,
but... "this sufficeth my record." I love you! The Gospel really is
simple and so beautiful. I felt that reading the introduction this
week in the Book of Mormon.

ONWARD TO A BRAND NEW ADVENTURE!!! I know that whatever we are doing in 
our lives the Lord is there for us. I know that He knows us.

Time is running down... I love you!! The work is true.

Love always and forever!
Sister Anderson 

PS  I love the missionaries in our mission and I love this work!

This pic is inserted by Sister Jen's mom.  Her cousin, Elder Lythgoe, is also serving in the Japan, Kobe mission.  He is wearing the red tie in this pic of zone leaders.

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