Sister Jena Anderson

Sister Jena Anderson
Entered the MTC December 28th, 2011 and left for Kobe, Japan March 12th!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Menu for dogs...and other stories

Dear Fam,

Hello from the other side of the world! Is it weird to think that I
live over here, and you live on the other side? It's so amazing to me
that we, all people, live in their own manners and cultures but we are
all children of God. It is so amazing that His love is that big. I
feel His love here and I feel it from you! Thanks for your sweet
examples and love, and updates. It is so fun to hear from you!

This week we went to Nara, see attached pics. We bought hachimaki...
headbands... mine says "KATSU" in Japanese, wich means WIN! This is
Cheney Shimai... we were the two Gaijin sisters there (foreign). 
 Mom and Dad and Mook...Remember when we fed the deer when we were in Nara? I am again!  Who knew?
My doryo bought deer antlers!
This is not allowed to happen on a mission!
All the sisters who came for Nara...
The transfer is almost over!! I can't believe it. Time is so slow and
so fast, I can't figure out WHAT time is anymore, it's so great. Kana
Chan didn't come on Sunday (she needs to come to Church one more
time), so the baptism will be moved to next Sunday.

We met a few new investigators this week, they are really funny. One
of them is a 14 year old who is so great. He always says: "ii desu
yo!" which is a really emphatic way of saying... good! He played some
video games that kind of taught something about Christianity I
think... The other was a referral, actually from his mom, that we met
with this week. He doesn't really leave his house and is practicing
another religion, but has some really good questions... that we or the
Elders will answer. :)

In other news... yesterday when I was studying I was LOVING learning
about accountability (did you know PMG says that accountabilty affects
how you endure??)... and just looking in all of these wonderful books,
and I looked down, and my desk looked like this! The life of a
missionary. :)  I love accountability! And... books. ha ha.
Ok, so this is so funny. You know how I wrote you and told you that
everyone has a dog here in Japan? In Nara, I walked by a stand up
billboard with come pictures of food, and said... oh that looks
good... and my Japanese friend pointed out to me... IT WAS A MENU FOR
DOGS! Ha ha ha. A restaurant for pets. So great. 

I know that God is aware of us, individually and with so much love. I
know that He knows our investigators. I testify He loves us! Every day
He helps me. I love prayer. I love this life. I love work! I love
Heavenly Father. I love Jesus Christ. I know that this is His work. I
testify with assurity that we are His instruments, and that He knows
and numbers His flock. It is His work, it is just how much we are
willing to be involved in it. It is such a privilege. I feel my
Savior's love. I've never known the steady, daily help that comes from
the Atonement so steadily as this time I have been on a mission. We
are accountable to God, and through Jesus Christ we are clean. Through
His redemption, we can become whole. We can be clean, we can be happy,
even in imperfection. What a joyous work it is.

I love you fam! You are so great. You are always in my thoughts and
prayers. Thanks so much for your love! See you around the corner.

Sister Anderson :)

P.S. I taught Eikaiwa (English class) this week and it was SO HARD! It seriously was rough. I know that the Lord is sustaining me so much.

Also! My doryo fell off of her bike... luckily it was in front of a
byoiin (hospital). It's not super super bad but she has some cuts and
it hurts... so our dendo has been a little weird while she has been

Other news? The Gospel is true! Katei no Yube (FHE) is this week... pray
that I will learn how to explain games in Japanese... ha ha! It is His
work and a privilege. I love you!
In my dreams!!!

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