Sister Jena Anderson

Sister Jena Anderson
Entered the MTC December 28th, 2011 and left for Kobe, Japan March 12th!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Embedded with miracles!

My Sweet, Sweet, Eternal Family--

Wow! Every week there are so many things I want to write you. I think
of witty things to say occassionally during the week, my life embedded
with miracles, the times that are so hard that all I can do is pray,
the funny times where it might be just me, laughing in the kitchen or
by my bike--and I want to just chatter or show you videos but mostly
just to tell you spiritually how great it is. I love you my fam!

So this week, my ma-ma (so-so) witty parable is about cooking. :) This
week my companion had a birthday. I decorated just a little and then for district
meeting I decided to make a cake. We've been working on time, so I was doing
it in different sittings. I made the cake, it was in the fridge. The night before,
I realized the whip cream was bad. The next morning, I realized the cream cheese
was also bad. I then realized I'd put in the powdered sugar too soon for this
other frosting recipe, and there I was in the kitchen looking at it all...
What gets even funnier is then on Sunday I got up early to make treats
for so many people that have helped us this week. They all looked about like this:

the cake had way too much baking soda, the cookies were flatter than pancakes,
ha ha ha ha.

Somehow the cake turned out ma-ma (so so...all right) and everyone ate a piece,
(it ended up with peaches and a jelly like sauce)... though no one had
seconds... ha ha ha.

So anyway! That was how it went. I just want to tell you how great
the work is. I wish I could laugh with you about all of the funny
things that happen in life. The point is, that really it is the Lord
who makes up the difference for our efforts. I love those moments
where you just have to laugh, like the time I was at Angie's in Texas
and made that huge casserole and it fell flat on the ground when I was
supposed to be feeding her beautiful hungry kids. I love moments like
that for how muich they teach me! I am reminded again and again that
it is His hand, His power by which we work. (and no, I don't typically
cook quite that much - you can see why!)

I love you! The work is going forward. Kana Chan's baptism is
scheduled for this week. Yes!!!!!! She highlighted her favorite parts in the
scriptures and one chapter was almost all highlighted. I feel so
grateful to be a missionary. There are so many people with problems,
and we have the answers. They are so simple! I used to feel stressed
about not knowing everything. I know so much how much I don't know! I
am just so grateful for the power of God in this great work. We really
do have a loving Heavenly Father who is always so there to help minister to
me in a way that will help me grow. Sometimes it is a reprimand,
sometimes it is just that feeling of love, always that feeling of
love. I love my Savior so much. I want so much to minister like He does. I
know that He lives. I know the power of the Atonement is real, even as
we may remember things we have done, His promise is forgiveness and
peace. His promise is that He will remember them no more. How much I
love my Savior Jesus Christ.

I love you sweet Fam. Thank you for your prayers and dedication. 
cool story:
We set a goal to give out a Book of Mormon as a
companionship, and when we went out in the evening (that day), we
stopped a lady who said we had said Hi to her before, and she thought
we had made a mistake and was super surprised! The Spirit was there
and we got to testify of the Restoration, and when I turned around my
comp was ready holding that Book of Mormon. We passed it to her and
she accepted it.

We are growing line upon line! My comp got in a bike accident this
week (so did my last companion - what is up with this?), but she is ok.
Things have been really crazy but good. There are times when the peace 
is so thick that it just fills up the reservoir inside.

I know that this is the work of God, of our Savior Jesus Christ. It is
such a privilege to invite others to Him! I love this work. I love
this work! I am amazed, since I started writing a miracle every day how
my capacity to notice them has increased. Every day we have miracles. 
There is never a day that is not chock-full of blessings
from Heavenly Father! He is just waiting for us to look and see.
It is so amazing that He blesses us so much. I really notice His love
when I notice our miracles. This is His work!!

I love you Fam. Onward and upward in the work of the Lord. The work is
full of miracles in the Land of Japan, and we have a mission goal for
every area to see a baptism in the next two transfers. I really,
really, know we can, and will as we excercise our faith.

THIS IS THE WORK OF OUR SAVIOR. What a privilege to be involved in it!

I love you Fam. Never be afraid to reach out and tell those you love
of the truth of the Gospel--this is their Salvation and what a
privilege we have to help. In the scriptures the laborer's reward is
always... joy! Doesn't He bless us too much?

I LOVE YOU! Thanks for being mine eternally, for all of the sweet
letters and packages family and friends! I love you!

Sister A

My sweet comp's sweet mom made these crochet slippers for us!  Love them!!!

Eating with a member and her friend...great times!

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