Sister Jena Anderson

Sister Jena Anderson
Entered the MTC December 28th, 2011 and left for Kobe, Japan March 12th!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MY FAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Smiles from your favorite missionary!!!
I love you so much. Time is really flying. It's so crazy on the
mission! I will probably be emailing you again on what seems like
tomorrow.... Preparation Day!! Wooo!!!

What a week. Kana chan came to CHURCH this week! I have so many
experiences where I feel the Lord so close. Like... yesterday in
Sacrament Meeting. I felt like I messed up the whole morning, one by
one by one... and then investigators kept coming in. It was such a
miracle. I felt His love so immediately, so sweet, for me. (Knowing it is
His work. It felt so safe!) I had to get up and bear my testimony,
tears pouring down my face... I sit down and Kana Chan is like, "Are
you ok?" ha ha. I was nervous, I get nervous sometimes, and then I was
reminded how much it is Him. I just wanted to share my love for Him. I
love speaking, I love testifying about my Savior Jesus Christ. I love
my Heavenly Father, His love. I know His love.

We were hunting down a lot of old investigators and... that's been
super exciting! Finding addresses in Japan! Woooo! We met this man
housing (knocking doors) who I really felt like we were supposed to meet. 
I felt the Lord testifying through me to Him. Even though He didn't want to hear
more, we talked about God's existence. It is just so amazing to feel
the Lord speaking through you. This week I have been recording
miracles every day, and there are miracles in the field every day!
Kana Chan's lesson was so cool. I asked her if she thought she could
make it to be baptized on the 18th, and she said something like, "It's
not can I do it, it's I will. I will." (If I understood the Japanese!)
We prayed and felt the date, and realized her birthday is on the 19th.
When she asked why when we asked her about the date, it just came to
me that the gift of the Holy Ghost is from Heavenly Father, for her
birthday. She is doing great. We got to testify to her about Jesus
Christ. I love feeling the Spirit work through you! It is incredible.
I felt so many of these miracles as I have started looking more,
noticing more. Another time was the phone call with Asuka. I prayed
and felt the Lord's words, just start puring out of me. There are just
so many of these sweet times when the Lord's voice just pours out of
you, and you know you are feeling the gift of tongues... especially
when after, in His mercy, you even have a hard time communicating! (I
called her again and was having such a hard time getting her address!
ha ha) Those times expecially are great, and you are reminded how much
it is the Lord's hand.

I wish I had so much time to tell you everything in my heart, you
sweet people. I love you so much. Thank you for your prayers, I
definitely feel them. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Congrats to Nate and Dad road tripping! NATE GOING TO GRAD SCHOOL IN 
Thanks for all the pics, the packages (Child Fam! I loved that package! Thank
you so much! You are so sweet! I even gave some of the treats to my
Eikaiwa students!)

And also... I'm the new Eikaiwa teacher again! ha ha. The Elders asked
us sisters to take over teaching. Mom and Dad you probably saw on my account,
but... my birthday present came early?? ha ha. I lost the dictionary I got when I came... super sad... 
so I bought one today! Thanks... it was like 138000 yen... you are the best... I love you... 
it reads kanji and has pronunciation help, and actually was pretty cheap... i love
you! ha ha). Sending a picture of the dictionary (jisho) I bought today!
Thanks Mom and Dad! (you really are the best.)

Love, Anderson 姉妹

I saw a dog in the back basket of a car this week and thought it was
so funny! A huge dog with a towel around him. So funny. I love Japan!

a member meal wthat was American! so cute. they were so thoughtful. I
really getting used to Japanese food though and i like it just as much as American!!!

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