Sister Jena Anderson

Sister Jena Anderson
Entered the MTC December 28th, 2011 and left for Kobe, Japan March 12th!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Plan of Salvation in action! ...and a purple cow!

To the Sweetest Family in the world!!!

How I love you! I just count my blessings to have been sent
to such "goodly parents" and wonderful brothers and sisters. I love the pics, everyone is beautiful and growing up so fast! It is like seeing the Plan of Salvation in action. I love you so much and I am constantly grateful for your love, prayers, and examples. There is nothing like having an active, wonderful, enduring family--I love you all so much! Tyler and Ashley's wedding looks so fun!! And I loved seeing pics of Nora's. Congrats everyone! Lizzie is so cute, I haven't seen pictures of her since she was tiny. Claire is so darling and grown-up! What a fun time you all had with the Souliers and having beautiful Brenna's baby blessing in Utah.  Cousin country! That is so exciting that Spen and Rach and the kids got to come. Maybe Ella will get a horse someday and name him Skip. haha. Did Lolly and Rob find a house? I love reading all of your letters!
Well...I never saw a purple cow and hoped to never see one. But this I do know anyway, I'd rather see than be one! haha. But I did see one - in Japan!

This week...what a whirlwind! Emotions are so deep on the mission, it
is crazy. Sometimes I just have to stop and think about it all for a moment. Things are so busy, working to serve the Lord. We have wonderful investigators who are all progressing right now. One of them has a baptismal date! It is such a miraculous work and I love it - I love missionary work!!! I am realizing that everything could be difficult, or it could be an adventure.  I choose to have it be an adventure! I love this mission. There are so many miracles, and not all of them we
understand. We are living in the middle of miracles even in our trials, and that amazes me. That brings me so much comfort. Today in language study I read in Mosiah 23 and thought so much about being nourished and being tried. This is truly the Lord's church, and He will bless all who put their trust in Him. I have seen that in my missionary life more than ever!

Kana Chan is not getting baptized yet, but is doing great! 

mai chan, and a doseki (ward member who teaches with us)

It's a little short this week... I just want you to know how much I
love you. I love you sweet fam! There are times when I feel you so
close. There are ministrations of the Spirit beyond what I can
describe here, and probably even ministrations I can't see. I love the
Lord. I love His help. I love His time table.

YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL! The Gospel is true. Thank you for your prayers,
updates, support, and love. This is a work of miracles. I LOVE YOU! 
You are in my thoughts and prayers.

I love Jesus Christ. I know His help is real. I know His love is real,
so personal, for EACH OF US! This work is His work.

I love you!
Love, Anderson Shimai

kirei (beautiful) Japan!

Postscript by Sister Jen's mom:
Who knows?  She didn't give a description.
rice hot dog? stuffed baked roll?

Note: Sister Jen's cousin was married in the 
Salt Lake Temple last Friday!
 Tyler and Ashley Davies
Grandma Jan with her great grand-daughter Lizzie 
(daughter of Taylor and Kara Stone...Taylor is Cherelle's son)
 Jen's friend Nora Skoubye Gleed

Baby Brenna (child number five for Lolly and Rob Soulier) wearing the same dress in which her mom was blessed...and in the quilt made by Grandma Jan

 Cousin Country at Gma and Gpa Jello's!

FHE Olympics

Riding horses at Aunt Relle's and Uncle Bryan's

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